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If you are looking for support in any of the three areas below, reach out to us today to schedule your free strategy session with someone on our team!
Inspirational Speeches & Professional Mentorship
Ivy League & Graduate School Admissions Counseling
Career Coaching & Entrepreneurship Development


Looking for inspiration?  Need help rebuilding after loss and tough times?

Darrell shows you how to...

- create a clear workable plan to rebuild after failure and loss

- identify and unlock your hidden gifts and monetize them

-rebrand yourself and pivot in tough times


Ever thought about going to the Ivy League but don't know the steps to take?


Darrell teaches how to...

- get accepted into the nation's most selective colleges and universities

- distinguish yourself from the competition and stand out

- make your essays and every written submission come alive and highlight your best qualities


Looking to monetize your gifts and create products and services from scratch?  Ever wanted to start an LLC or Inc. but don't know how?

Darrell counsels on how to...

- advance your professional career

- create a profitable business structure, an LLC or Inc., and market it

- get paid to speak, write and consult 

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