Mike Tyson famously said, "Everyone has a plan -- until they get punched in the face."  It's true: life will punch you in the face.  The years go by and you wonder where they went.  Soon the dreams are gone.  The hope is lost.  All that's left is the nagging feeling of what could have been.

But it doesn't have to be that way.  Great things often start in dark places.  Pain can push you towards your purpose.  Your biggest challenge could be the door to your greatest success.  


I can show you how to get back up, reposition, rebuild -- and come back swinging! 

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Regardless of what challenge happened in your life, the story doesn't have to end there. You can reposition, rebuild and come out better.  Whether it's a tragedy that happened to you or a crisis that occurred because of you, you can still beat the odds.  I did it and I'm here to help you do it too.

Get Back Up & Get Your Fight Back!


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Our mastermind coaching sessions are designed to help you pivot in tough times and accelerate both personally and professionally.  We'll show you how to discover your purpose, unlock your hidden gifts and create opportunities by monetizing your talents, i.e., product creation, book writing, program development, speaking, teaching, coaching, etc.  

Come. Back. Swinging. isn't just a slogan: for Darrell, it's a way of life.  As a young child, growing up in Baltimore City, he learned early on about the value of persistence,
resilience and grit.

His entire life is like a string of successes borne from failure: writing his first book, Daring to Be Different, as a teenager because he couldn't land a summer job; gaining acceptance to Harvard Law School after a series of denials; becoming an attorney and passing the bar after failing it the first time; creating his first company at 24 after a string of bad business deals.

Today, Darrell continues to encourage, empower and educate audiences around the world.  He lives in New York City and is a managing partner of The B-Squared Global Group.  His newest book, Come. Back. Swinging., is based on his own personal story of resilience and redemption.

come. back. swinging.

the book

Come. Back. Swinging.: A True Story of Resilience and Redemption, Darrell's third and most recent book, is a powerful and transcendent "coming-of-age" story.

This is a no-holds-barred story of Darrell's life, growing up in Baltimore city; graduating from Morehouse College and Harvard Law School; childhood issues; struggling to find purpose as a young adult, slipping into an abyss of depression self-destruction; losing everything; fighting his way back, his restoration and ultimate transformation. 

daring to be


Daring to Be Different: 25 Tips for a Life of Success is Darrell's first book, written when he was 18 years old.  It is perhaps more relevant today than ever before, because of the social media, the overwhelming obsession to be "liked" and the crushing pressure to conform. 

This is a powerful message to the world about the transcendence of authenticity, a reminder that your uniqueness matters, that make sets you apart is precisely what will make you successful.  This is about identifying, appreciating and embracing yourself -- your whole self.  

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