Whether the crisis happened to you or because of you, the story doesn't have to end there. You can reposition, rebuild and come out better. You can beat the odds. Transformation is real. Rising above it is possible. I've lived it and I'm here to encourage you.


"Get Back Up & Get Your Fight Back!"

Inspirational Speeches

Our speeches and presentations focus on overcoming obstacles and the power of resilience in adversity.  Darrell has spoken in places like China, Israel and Germany and has been featured on NPR, CBS Evening News, and CNN.

virtual events

We leverage the latest innovations in technology to offer inspiration, instruction and insight to universities, companies and community organizations around the world.  

church gatherings

Darrell has shared his powerful personal story of resilience and redemption in churches and faith-based communities across the nation.  His message is unlike anything you've ever heard before!   

Corporate trainings

We help companies get their teams fired up with a sense of collective mission to tackle the next challenge so that the organizations they work for can succeed and grow.

As a young child, growing up in Baltimore City, Darrell learned early on about the value of persistence,
resilience and grit.

His entire life is like a string of successes borne from failure: writing his first book, Daring to Be Different, at 18 because he couldn't find a summer job; gaining acceptance to Harvard Law School after a series of denials; becoming an attorney and passing the bar after failing it the first time; creating his first company at 24 after a string of bad business deals.

Today, Darrell continues to encourage, empower and educate audiences around the world.  He lives in New York City and is a managing partner of The B-Squared Global Group.  His newest book, Come. Back. Swinging., is based on his own personal story of resilience and redemption.

come. back.


Come. Back. Swinging.: A True Story of Resilience and Redemption is probably the most relevant and powerful "coming-of-age" story in America today, considering our current national crisis. 


This is a no-holds-barred story of Darrell's life, growing up black, gifted but conflicted, struggling with identity issues; graduating from Morehouse College, the most well-known history black college in America, and Harvard Law School, one of the most well known bastions of white privilege and power; struggling to find purpose, slipping into the abyss, depression, cycles of self-destruction, losing everything; fighting his way back, his restoration and ultimate transformation. 

daring to be


Daring to Be Different: 25 Tips for a Life of Success is timeless -- written when Darrell was 18 years old as a freshman in college, it is more salient today than ever before in an age of cyberbullying and the obsession with social media, to be "liked" and conform. 

This is a powerful message to the world about the transcendence of authenticity, a reminder that your uniqueness matters, that make sets you apart is precisely what will make you successful.  This is about identifying, appreciating and embracing yourself -- your whole self.  

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