come. back. swinging.

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Harvard Law School Alum.  Morehouse College Valedictorian. Former Attorney.  Author at 18.  University Professor at 24. 

Lost My Way.  Lost Myself.  Nearly Lost My Life.  But Fought My Way Back. 

Came Back Swinging.  And I Can Help You Do It Too!  


Darrell helps people come back swinging from adversity, crisis and tough times, by inspiring and empowering them with the tools to succeed in every arena of their lives! 



Darrell helps companies come back swinging from a lull in morale, productivity and profit by motivating their employees and helping them get their fire and enthusiasm back.  




Darrell helps people come back swinging professionally by using his education as a Harvard-educated former professor to guide them to top-tier universities for advanced degrees.

upcoming events

We are partnering with the University of Cape Town in South Africa to offer a series of exclusive virtual seminars for attorneys throughout the continent.  Read the full article from Africa Legal here

come. back. swinging.


Darrell uses his own personal story of coming back from defeat to inspire others. 

This documentary chronicles as he leads an intensive three-month program for people who had served lengthy sentences of incarceration that combined personal empowerment, professional development and mentorship.  Watch the full docuseries here.

come. back. swinging.

the book

Come. Back. Swinging.: A True Story of Resilience and Redemption, Darrell's third and most recent book, is a powerful and transcendent "coming-of-age" story.

This is a no-holds-barred story of Darrell's life, growing up in Baltimore city; graduating from Morehouse College and Harvard Law School; childhood issues; struggling to find purpose as a young adult, slipping into an abyss of depression self-destruction; losing everything; fighting his way back, his restoration and ultimate transformation. 

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