Darrell Bennett, aka THE COMEBACK KING 👑, is known for turning negatives into positives for people, companies and communities.

Darrell is an internationally recognized inspirational speaker, business leader and legal advocate. He is also the founder and CEO of BSG Global, as well as a former attorney, published author and alumnus of Harvard Law School and Morehouse College
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 Darrell Bennett's trademark is his powerful and uncanny voice. Ever since he was a young child, elders and peers alike have remarked on his unique way with words. Darrell himself often says that he believes he was born to inspire and encourage people.

Over the years, Darrell has delivered over 1000 motivational speeches in a dozen countries around the world, including at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Global Knowledge Summit. He has also been featured on CNN, CBS News and NPR.

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Darrell has a unique gift for mentorship, training and development. He started his first company in his early twenties and is often sought after to mentor and coach emerging entrepreneurs, business owners, companies, ministries and social impact institutions to grow, expand and evolve.

Darrell is the founder and CEO of BSG Global, an international hub for mentorship, to launch people, organizations and communities into Purpose — and to make a mark on the world that can never be erased.

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Darrell is an Ivy League-trained former attorney and current legal advocate, who defends the rights of the accused and helps individuals and their families successfully navigate the American legal system.


Since graduating with his Juris Doctor from Harvard in 2010, Darrell has helped dozens of applicants get accepted into top tier law schools. Those he has worked with have gone on to become entertainment attorneys, sports agents, general counsel and administrative law judges. 

He also teaches classes and workshops for attorneys, including most recently for the Law @ Work Programme at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. 

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Since writing his first book at 18 years old, Darrell has helped more than 100 people become published authors and start getting royalty checks on their own.


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Darrell's favorite inspirational quotes, stories & sayings

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Darrell's memoirs and coming-of-age story

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Darrell's story of moving to NYC after law school. starting his first company

Darrell's first book, which he wrote at 18 years old as a college freshman

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The highlighted videos below capture the incredible range of Darrell's speeches, seminars and events over the years to various different audiences: from Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League universities to intervention programs and church conventions.





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