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Darrell's Story

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Darrell J. Bennett is an internationally-renown leader, Harvard Law-trained advocate, criminal justice expert, professor, five-time published author, founder of The B-Squared Global Group and The Darrell Bennett Academy, and creator of the mentorship mobile app, Journy™. Darrell has spoken in over a dozen nations on three continents and empowers audiences around the world every day through his social media and show, "Darrell J. Bennett Live." Darrell was born in Baltimore, Maryland at 4:44 am on 8/5/1985. As a young boy, Darrell made the irrevocable decision to dedicate his life in service to the LORD. In his early school years, Darrell was immediately recognized as a natural-born leader and uniquely gifted speaker. He published his first book, Daring To Be Different, at 18 years old. After graduating from Morehouse College as Valedictorian in 2007 and Harvard Law School as Class Marshal in 2010, Darrell founded his first company, an inspirational publishing firm, and was admitted to the Maryland Bar to practice law. Over a period of several years during his young adulthood, Darrell faced a series of personal choices, challenges, and crises that would have destroyed a lesser man. Refusing to be held back permanently by setbacks, Darrell used his time of struggle and isolation as an opportunity for transformation, growth, and self-mastery. In 2019, he chronicled his coming-of-age journey in his memoirs, Come. Back. Swinging.. Today, Darrell lives in New York City; advises companies and teaches courses on law, business and policy; and mentors young leaders, entrepreneurs and aspiring attorneys.

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The B-Squared Global Group 


We help people move higher in their careers, protect their enterprises, and earn more income.

We offer mentorship programs for entrepreneurs, educational advisement for professionals, and justice leadership programs for universities.

Criminal Justice

Come. Back. Swinging.®


We help people successfully navigate the criminal justice system, at the local, state, and federal levels, for all charges.

We also offer legal rights seminars for the community and mentorship programs for people who have been incarcerated to become successful business owners.

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