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Darrell was born to inspire and encourage people.  His incredible personal story, powerful lived experiences and uncanny authenticity has touched people across the globe. 

Since writing his first book at 18, Darrell has delivered over 1000 public speeches at colleges, companies, churches and conventions in 12 nations around the world, including at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, International Baccalaureate World Conference and the Global Knowledge Festival.  He has been featured on CNN, CBS News and NPR, and his impact has been felt from Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League universities to houses of worship and maximum-security prisons.

In 2020, Darrell launched a motivational lifestyle brand, called COME. BACK. SWINGING.™. To learn more, visit our website.


Darrell has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their biggest dreams in their professional and educational careers.

Helped Entrepreneurs Create $2.5 Million+ in Profitable Ventures
Increased Personal Incomes By an Average of 30%
Placed 2500+ Job Applicants at Fortune 500 Companies
Guided 100+ Applicants to Ivy League Universities

Darrell often says he has been in sales in one way or another his entire life. 


Selling inspiration and encouragement: As a young boy, at seven years old, his pastor chose him to help teach Sunday school classes for the youth.  Selling vision: Darrell was elected student body president in middle school and high school, class president at Morehouse College and class marshal at Harvard Law School.  Selling products and services: He wrote his first book at 18 years old and started his first company at 24. Selling ideas and information: Since 2010, Darrell taught courses, classes and workshops at numerous universities and social impact organizations, including most recently virtual courses at the University of Cape Town Law School in South Africa.

In 2019, Darrell founded BSG GLOBAL, a professional mentorship and sales development company, to take people from historically disenfranchised communities and transform them into world-class professional sellers.

To learn more about Darrell's work or to request him to come speak at your organization, text 800.513.0443, email

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Come. Back. Swinging.™ 

(Motivational Lifestyle Brand)

BSG Global

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Come. Back. Swinging  (2019)

The Power to Think, The Will to Act  (2012)

Daring to Be Different  (2004)