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Come. Back. Swinging. 


Darrell's third and most recent book, is a powerful and transcendent "coming-of-age" story.  In it, Darrell speaks openly about his childhood, upbringing, struggles, triumphs and transformation.  This is the perfect pick-me-up for someone looking for hope or going through a particularly tough time.  


Coaching & Mentorship

Our coaching sessions are designed to help you pivot in tough times and accelerate both personally and professionally.  We'll show you how to discover your purpose, unlock your hidden gifts and create opportunities by monetizing your talents, i.e., product creation, book writing, program development, speaking, teaching, coaching, etc. 


Making An IMPACT

Released Summer 2020

In this highly-emotional and moving I.M.P.A.C.T. documentary, Darrell uses his own lessons, struggles,  and experiences to inspire and empower others.  This  four-part series chronicles as Darrell leads an intensive, specially designed three-month pilot program, which combined elements of personal empowerment, professional development and mentorship, for people who had recently been released from lengthy sentences of incarceration. 

Watch the full docuseries here.

Darrell Bennett

Darrell Bennett


Daily Inspiration

The enemy fights you in your mind and in your thoughts.  Fight it back!  Feed your mind and spirit with powerful messages of empowerment and inspiration everyday.  

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Keyboard and Mouse

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Become a More Effective and Powerful Communicator!

The goal of this course is to teach people how to be more effective communicators and use their words to influence others to action. The four core competencies we cover are interpersonal communication, sales/negotiation tactics, persuasive speech and public presentations. In this session, we discuss strategies to be more effective at negotiation and sales, including mirroring, objection handling and using questions as means to reveal information.

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Come. Back. Swinging.: Answering Your Legal Questions with Darrell Bennett

A call-in radio/livestream show dedicated to answering your questions on law, legal proceedings and criminal justice issues.  Darrell brings to bear his professional experience as a former attorney as well as his own personal experience within the penal system.


Next Show - Sat., Jan. 30th @ 11am Streaming Live - www.wfbr1590.weebly.com/

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Our Come. Back. Swinging. series is about people who have achieved incredible things despite adversity and come back from catastrophic lows.  We would love to hear your story of victory! Your story will be a blessing for many who need inspiration and encouragement.

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