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Darrell's Story

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Darrell J. Bennett was born to break barriers literally. Delivered at 4:44 am on 8/5/1985, his mother was told by doctors he would not survive. Later, she would also be told that he had been saved from her womb for a divine Purpose. The uncanny concept of divine favor shining through crisis and conflict would become a persistent theme in Darrell's life. As a young boy, Darrell made the irrevocable decision to dedicate his life in service to the Divine. In his early school years, he was immediately recognized as a natural-born leader and uniquely gifted speaker. He published his first book at 18 years old. After his very public Valedictory address at Morehouse College in 2007, Darrell began being invited to share his story with others around the world. After graduating from Harvard Law School in 2010, he became a university professor and founded his first company, a publishing firm to help others tell their personal stories from a perspective of power and Purpose. Over a period of several years during his young adulthood, Darrell faced a series of personal choices, challenges and crises that resulted in his losing everything. Refusing to be held back permanently by setbacks, Darrell used his time of struggle and isolation as an opportunity for transformation, growth, and self-mastery. In 2019, he chronicled his coming-of-age journey in his memoirs, Come. Back. Swinging. Over the years, Darrell has spoken in over a dozen nations on three continents and has been featured on CBS News and NPR. Today, Darrell lives in New York City, teaches and guest lectures on criminal justice and entrepreneurship topics at colleges and law schools nationwide, and is the CEO of The B-Squared Global Group as well as the creator of Journy™ Global.


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Personal Growth


Journy is about mastering the life you were born to live while growing into the life you were destined to live. 


The BSG Global Group


Hiring solutions for companies. Sales training and career mentorship for individuals.

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Come. Back. Swinging.®


We help people reset, restart, and rebound after legal trouble.

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"You can't listen to Darrell and stay the same. Period. His perspective will shift your whole mindset!” 


Darrell's courses, speeches, books, and mentorship programs have inspired many around the world. 

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