Darrell Bennett is a leading inspirational speaker and a graduate of Harvard Law School and Morehouse College, who has been inspiring and encouraging audiences around the world, since he published his first book at 18 years old.


Darrell has been featured on CNN, CBS News and the New Yorker Magazine and has been invited to speak in over a dozen nations, including China, South Korea, Israel and Germany.  Over the years, he has served in several professional capacities: as an attorney, as a college professor, as a leadership program director, and currently as a sales development consultant for companies and entrepreneurs. 


His most recent book, Come. Back. Swinging: A True Story of Resilience and Redemption, is a powerful “coming-of-age” story about his life, the mountaintop moments, the devastating losses and the journey to find meaning and purpose in pain and uncertainty.  In Fall 2020, Darrell announced that he acquired the official trademark from the US Patent Office for Come. Back. Swinging.™, as well as plans to release a series of high-impact virtual classes, services and products, based on his own experience and education, dedicated to helping people bounce back from adversity, both personally and professionally.


Today, Darrell lives in New York City and is a partner in The B-Squared Global Group.




Come. Back. Swinging.: A True Story of Resilience and Redemption (2019)

The Power to Think, The Will to Act (2012)

Daring to Be Different (2004)

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A True Story of Resilience and Redemption

This is a powerful “coming-of-age” story about Darrell's life, the mountaintop moments, the devastating losses and the journey to find meaning and purpose in pain and uncertainty.  This is the perfect pick-me-up for someone looking for hope or going through a particularly tough time.  

Available on Amazon, Kindle, and Audible.  

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