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Our mastermind coaching sessions are designed to help you pivot in tough times and accelerate both personally and professionally.  We'll show you how to discover your purpose, unlock your hidden gifts and create opportunities by monetizing your talents, i.e., product creation, book writing, program development, speaking, teaching, coaching, etc. 



Darrell has spoken at conferences and companies across America on a variety of topics.  One of his recent talks is featured below.  



Looking to earn an advanced degree from a top-tier university?

We can help you "sell" yourself to some of the most selective admissions committees in America.

Darrell uses his experience as a Harvard-educated former professor to guide you through the entire admissions process for college and graduate school, including:

- making your story come alive in your personal statements, diversity essays and other written submissions

- creating video messaging and other innovative ways to gain the competitive edge

- choosing target schools & test prep courses

- negotiating for grants and scholarships

- giving you objective advice on what admissions committees will think.

Over the years, we have worked with some of the world’s leading academic brands, including the International Baccalaureate Global Organization and the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholars Foundation.



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Basic Package

For Revisions & Editing

Editing and developing your primary admissions essay / personal statement to get you noticed by the nation's top universities.

Standard Package

Our Most Popular Offering

Editing all of your written submissions, including the application itself, all essays, your resume, cover letter and other optional addenda. 

 Premium Package

Our All-Access Bundle

Advising you through the entire admissions process: from test prep to essay submission, interview prep and negotiating for grants & scholarships. 

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