Our goal is to help you find the place where your profession, power and passion aligns - Purpose.  We help you discover your strengths and talents, leverage your resources and your network in your personal career and business ventures, and learn how to do more with less so you can ultimately increase both your income and your impact. 


"Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are."

career coaching

We are living in the most challenging job market of our time.  Your ability to leverage your skills, strengths and resources and reposition is absolutely essential.  Our high impact career coaching sessions are designed to help you unlock your hidden talents, maximize your network and create opportunities.  

entrepreneur development

Unleash your inner mogul!  We show you how to monetize your talents, i.e., product creation, book writing, program development, speaking, teaching, coaching and product creation.

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Darrell is a partner in The B-Squared Global Group, which offers inspiration, mentorship and professional development to communities of color.  Our masterclasses bring together leading experts and executive coaches who have worked with students, professionals, educators, entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.  

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