Darrell Jay Bennett, Jr., was born on August 5, 1985 in Baltimore, Maryland at Sinai Hospital, eponymous for what would become the theme of his life — a mountain and a crushing place, the place of promise and the place of deliverance. 

He was raised in West Baltimore City until 13, when he moved to Newport News, Virginia where his mother's husband started a church, called Repairing and Restoring Lives Ministries.  Darrell graduated from the International Baccalaureate program in 2003 as student government president.

That Fall, he enrolled in Morehouse College on a full academic scholarship.  While there he published his first book, Daring to Be Different (2004); served as class president; completed over 2000 hours of community service through the Bonners’ Scholars Program; and spoke on behalf of the College in both Israel and China.  In 2007, he graduated as valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA (valedictory speech here - "This is Our Time!").

In Fall 2007, Darrell enrolled at Harvard Law School.  He graduated from there in 2010 as Class Marshal.

In 2010, Darrell moved to New York City to start his first company, release his second book, The Power to Think, The Will to Act (2012), and travel the across the nation, inspiring and encouraging families and communities.  He became a college professor, teaching pre-law and criminal justice courses at MCNY and CUNY.  In June 2013, he was admitted to the Maryland bar to practice law, after failing the bar the first time.

It would be the beginning of the darkest period of his life. 

Between 2014 and 2017, for 40 months, Darrell was separated from himself.  He had made a series of decisions that caused him to lose everything.  He chronicles this period and how he climbed back in his memoirs, Come. Back. Swinging. (2019)

2018 began his transformation and ultimately his restoration. 

In Spring 2018, he was tapped by the CEO of Exodus to teach career-focused reentry classes, called the Wilderness Program, for returning citizens.  Then in 2019, he was asked to create the curriculum for and lead the IMPACT program, the first of its kind in the state of New York, funded by the Secretary of State's office, which combined professional development and personal growth for people who served over 15 years in penal systems. 

Later that year, he released, Come. Back. Swinging., and traveled to law schools, social impact companies and prisons to encourage, inform and empower the next generation of leaders and advocates.

In Fall 2019, Darrell founded BSG Global, a career-focused, leadership development firm, with alumni of Harvard University, Morehouse College and the London School of Economics, offering customized services for Millennials and Gen Zers and recruitment solutions for companies and entrepreneurs.

In 2020, Darrell founded Come. Back. Swinging.™, a faith-based, advocacy organization, within
BSG Global, dedicated to empowering individuals, families and communities impacted by the American penal system, with customized career-advancement, leadership development services.

In 2021, Darrell founded The DB3 Foundation, the Bennett family's private foundation, focused on deploying funds to help advance the cause of justice globally.

Today, Darrell is a leading public speaker, author and advocate; has been featured on CNN, CBS News and NPR; and has spoken in over a dozen nations, including China, South Korea, Israel and Germany.  He lives in New York City and is actively engaged in molding and mentoring the next generation of global leaders and influencers.

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