Darrell Bennett is a leading advocate, the CEO of The B-Squared Global Group and founder of Come. Back. Swinging.  He has been inspiring and encouraging audiences around the world, since he published his first book at 18 years old.

A graduate of Harvard Law School and Morehouse College, where he was valedictorian, Darrell has been featured on CNN, CBS News and the New Yorker Magazine and has spoken in over a dozen nations, including China, South Korea, Israel and Germany.  Over the years, he has served in several notable professional capacities: as an attorney, as a college professor, as a leadership program director.

Today, Darrell lives in New York City and is the CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of The B-Squared Global Group, a leading training and technology firm that merges education and goal attainment at the unique intersection where the professional development, personal growth and inspiration/self-improvement fields meet.  He is also a sales development consultant at Pandologic, the world's premier programmatic tech company, which leverages AI-powered solutions to help companies solve their high volume hiring needs.


​In 2020, Darrell created Come. Back. Swinging., a faith-based, advocacy organization dedicated to demonstrating Kingdom work, by helping people who were impacted by the American criminal justice system bounce back better through economic empowerment and entrepreneurship development.


On January 23, 2021, Darrell announced the formation of his family's private foundation, The DB3 Foundation.




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Come. Back. Swinging.: A True Story of Resilience and Redemption (2019)

The Power to Think, The Will to Act (2012)

Daring to Be Different (2004)


Encouragement.  Education.  Empowerment.

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